In one bit of good news for an employer, a federal judge is allowing the Congress Hotel in Chicago to proceed with its lawsuit against UNITE HERE, Local 1. The hotel contends that the union illegally coerced hotel customers in violation of the NLRA when, among other things, the union delivered to a customer a heart-shaped box filled with cow manure right before Valentine's Day 2010.

The suit was originally filed on March 3, 2010, and seeks damages against the union under Section 303 of the NLRA. Hotel employees have been on strike since June 2003, in response to a company action that froze wages and slashed benefits. The union added its "valentine" to other "innovative" techniques in an effort to draw attention to its labor dispute and solicit support (!!!) from hotel customers.

Note to union: you get more flies with chocolates than you do with cow patties. (Then again, maybe not.)