JP Morgan Securities, LLC agreed to pay a fine of US $1.1 million to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to resolve allegations that, from January 1, 2012, through April 10, 2018, it did not disclose on U5 forms (the Uniform Termination Notice) filed with the self-regulatory organization, or provided disclosures on U5 forms more than 60 days late, 89 instances of reportable events involving current or former firm-registered representatives. The events not reported or reported late included reviews or allegations involving fraud, wrongful taking of property or violations of investment-related laws or rules. FINRA claimed JPM failed to make such filings correctly because of a lack of a “reasonably designed” supervisory system for disclosing such information. According to FINRA, JPM only made 66 disclosures after it was advised by the SRO; on average, said FINRA, when the required information was ultimately filed, it was two years late. Under its settlement, JPM must file a certification with FINRA within 60 days confirming it has revised its relevant supervisory systems.