It has been a tumultuous year for trade.

Nearly all steel and aluminum imported into the US now face additional 25% and 10% tariffs, respectively, after the Trump Administration determined such imports threatened US national security.

Effective July 6, an additional 25% tariff was added to a growing list of products from China totaling US$34 billion, following a US investigation into China’s intellectual property practices and policies. And, China has responded in kind by adding tariff to US goods of equivalent total value.

Additional US trading partners are hitting the US with retaliatory tariff. Canada, the EU, India, Mexico and Turkey have all taken measures or announced they will increase the costs of importing US products on almost 2,000 tariff lines. Russia and Japan are preparing to follow suit.

While the real economic pain of these tariffs may not be felt until the fourth quarter, they already have disrupted global supply chains and added to the cost of doing business.

The countries involved in and products affected by the current trade tensions are changing at a rapid pace. Recognizing the difficulties companies face in tracking current developments and potential increased costs throughout their supply chains, Squire Patton Boggs has developed (and will regularly update) a comprehensive collection of impacted tariff lines.

If a product imported or exported by you, your suppliers or any of your customers is included in our Tariff Book, there could be opportunities to seek relief.

Our International Trade Team has identified and is deeply engaged in the processes available to comment on and challenge these tariffs in the US and certain foreign markets.

How To Use The Tariff Book

Because there is so much information included in this Tariff Book, we have made the document fully searchable. The information provided in this book comes from number of different sources, some of which are official foreign government documents written in languages other than English. While we were able to provide unofficial translations of these documents, users should rely on the source material linked at the bottom of each page.

To search by country – Click on one of the country links at the top of the page. These links are repeated on every page, so you can easily switch from one country to another.

To search by product or keyword – Right click anywhere on the document and select Search. You can then type in your keyword and every instance will be highlighted.

Updates – This document is correct as of July 6, 2018. However, because this is a fast moving situation, we plan on regular updates. We will alert you through this blog of any changes and updates. So, be sure to subscribe to this blog by email here.