Today, a Dutch newspaper published that the Dutch prime minister Rutte was closely involved with the strengthening of the position of Dutch licensed lotteries through charity arrangements. Such arrangements enable current license holders to arm themselves against the arrival of foreign competitors once the Remote Gambling Act enters into force. This information was retrieved through a request for information on the basis of the Government Information (Public Access) Act.

Under Dutch law, the lotteries are held to pay 50% of their revenue to charitable causes. Documents are said to show that a shenanigan was used in order to reach this percentage, while at the same time the amount of prizes increased drastically. The higher jackpot resulting from this trick is an important marketing tool for the lotteries, which is beneficial to their position towards foreign competitors. According to the newspaper, all this was done with the knowledge of Rutte.

The information suggests that the three Dutch lotteries currently holding a license for organizing charity lotteries pull the wires where it comes to the government plans to legalize Dutch remote gambling and to tolerate foreign lotteries. It appears that lotteries have given presentations at several ministries, spreading the message that tens of millions of euros coming from the lotteries – which funds are applied to museums, sport clubs and other associations – are at risk if the Dutch gambling reformation plans go ahead and the market will be opened to foreign lotteries.

The newspaper announced that further information in this respect will be published soon.