The situation

The Turkish Embassy in Washington and the U.S. Embassy in Ankara have announced that the two countries have resumed full visa services for each other’s citizens. A mutual visa suspension between the United States and Turkey had been in place since a diplomatic dispute in October.

Visa services at the U.S. Mission to Turkey

Visa issuance and appointment availability have resumed fully after a suspension in October and a limitation of services in November. Visa applicants should be prepared for possible processing delays due to pent-up demand.

Issuance of Turkish visas to U.S. citizens

  • Business and Tourist visas. U.S. citizens can obtain valid 90-day tourist and business visas from the Turkish e-visa site prior to travelling to Turkey.

  • Sticker visas. U.S. citizens may still be issued sticker visas at the border, if necessary. This may apply to U.S. citizens who did not apply for an e-visa prior to traveling to Turkey.

  • Work and special visa appointments. Those seeking to obtain a work visa or schedule an appointment (which is required for all other types of visas) at a Turkish consular post in the United States can again do so on the online system.

  • Impact. U.S. citizens outside of Turkey can again obtain a Turkish visa at consular posts worldwide.