Effective Jan. 1, employers in Virginia will be required to provide workers with a written, detailed pay stub on each regular pay date.

Under the amended Virginia code § 40.1-29, on each regular pay date, employees must receive a pay stub in print or digital format that includes the employer’s name and address, the number of hours worked in the pay period, the employee’s current pay rate, gross wages earned during the pay period, and the amount and purpose of any deductions (for example, Federal income tax and FICA taxes).

The new pay stub requirement applies to nearly all employers and personnel. The agricultural industry, including agribusiness and forestry related entities, are the sole exception to the amended mandate. These employers are only required to provide a written statement if requested by an employee.

Although most large companies and employers using outside payroll processing vendors are likely already in compliance with this requirement, start-up enterprises and small companies in Virginia should take note to ensure compliance with this new legal requirement.