SOLACE: Guidance note for council officers on statutory rules regulating publicity produced by councils and other areas of council’s operations that may be affected by the European Union referendum: advice and guidance on the statutory rules regulating publicity produced at any time by the Council or by other persons with the Council’s assistance; the tighter rules on council publicity produced by the Council in the run up to polling day for the EU referendum; and the areas of the Council’s operations which are affected by the referendum process. It covers: publicity produced or facilitated by the Council; assistance to campaigners at the referendum poll; use of council premises; visits to council premises by elected representatives and campaigners; promoting political literacy in schools in connection with the referendum; politically restricted posts; and time off work for council employees. (11 April 2016)

DCLG: Letter to Tower Hamlets council in response to their second best value action plan progress report: following receipt of the Council’s second 6 monthly progress report against its best value action plan and evidence of progress made to date, the Secretary of State has written to Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs. The letter sets out the Secretary of State’s response to the Council’s second progress report and outlines his expectations for further progress over the coming months. He finds that the Mayor is making progress but there must be sufficient evidence of real organisational change before he will consider handing any powers back. (11 April 2016)