Good news for global warming - 2019 saw not just a fall in electricity production from coal, but the biggest fall on record.

But - and it is a big but - is it too little too late? The report, published in the online journal Carbon Brief, continues that "The record drop raises the prospect of a slowing of global CO2 emissions growth in 2019." That's my emphasis: this holds the hope of slowing the increase in global CO2 emissions, not reducing those emissions. And that's what needs to happen.

In my view, a proper carbon price, which is high enough to motivate changes in investment and operational business decisions, is required to achieve the sort of reductions in emissions we need. Ideally that should be a global carbon price, to achieve the worldwide changes in behaviour which we are required.

Will we get that? I'm not hopeful. But I've put it on my Christmas wish list...

This year looks set to see the largest fall in electricity production from coal on record, according to a new report.

The reduction is estimated to be more than the power generated from coal in Germany, Spain and the UK combined.

It is projected to drop by 3% - which is a fall of 300 terawatt hours.