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The mainstream adoption of blockchain and digital asset technology during the last decade has disrupted the financial services and banking industries, changing the way people spend, invest and lend money. Both start-up fintech companies and traditional investment managers find themselves under pressure to out-perform, to partner with both emerging companies and larger institutions, and to navigate the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

As the ecosystem continues to evolve, companies ask themselves – how can we stay ahead of the game? What are the legal issues that will affect my ability to grow my innovative blockchain, digital assets or fintech product and deepen the influence of these products on the broader financial markets?

In this panel, Dechert lawyers Linda Ann Bartosch, Timothy Spangler, Robert J. Rhatigan and Andrew J. Schaffer discussed case studies and real-world legal issues they have faced while advising clients who are launching and growing fintech products, and how they are finding solutions to their client’s most-pressing issues. Watch the replay to learn about:

1. How have the events of the last year affected both crypto-native firms and financial services industry participants?

2. Cutting through the uncertainty: what is doable today?

3. The potential for tokenization to disrupt legacy transaction rails

4. Partnerships between traditional financial institutions like banks and fintech start-ups