The nightclub, day club, and party pool scene in Las Vegas continues to attract visitors.  The Nevada Gaming Control Board, together with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, have repeatedly reminded casinos that negative activities taking place in such venues can result in disciplinary action against the gaming license, even if such venues are operated by unrelated third parties.  There have been several high-profile cases in which casinos have paid significant fines for activities occurring at nightclubs, day clubs, and party pools that are operated by others, but located on the casino resort premises.

Just last night, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of an amendment so that the operators of these clubs would be required to pay for an investigation if called forward for suitability determination by the Nevada Gaming Commission.  The Nevada gaming authorities already have broad jurisdictional reach over those who do business with gaming licensees, and this has been upheld in court challenges.

The bill amendment would further require certain employees, including those with hosting and VIP service duties, to register similar to a gaming employee.  If this current version passes, the registration process for club employees would take effect once the Nevada Gaming Commission adopts regulations governing such.  Third-party  hosts and VIP service providers would have to undergo the registration or approval process similar to junket reps (i.e., independent agent).