When considering your carriers’ responses, or lack thereof, to your Superstorm Sandy-related claims, management and boards must be mindful of each’s fiduciary duty to the members/owners, in the face of any carrier denial and/or delay. Management and boards should become familiar (either directly or via legal and/or insurance professionals) with each’s rights pursuant to the particular Residential Condominium Building Association Policy (RCBAP). Consider every public adjuster offer and/or proposal with a skeptical eye. Many of them have no experience with flood policies backed and governed by FEMA. For instance, there may be available claims involving wind damages, as well as water damages. Many public adjusters are also not familiar with flood insurance-related claims that involve salt water. An equal number may not be familiar with any co-insurance problems that arise. Lastly, and overall, how the particular association, board, management and/or public adjuster handle all of this affects very directly the rights of individual owners vis a vis their own damage.