Law No. 25/2013, of April 8, in which the Parliament gives legislative authorization for the Government to review the legal framework of collective investment undertakings (OIC), approved by Decree-Law No. 252/2013, of October 17, has entered into force, in particular in what concerns the requirements of taking up and pursuiting the activities related to the management of OIC’s and related professional activities as well as the sanctioning regime. Hence, with regard to the direction and extent of said authorization, the possibility to set certain access conditions are provided for, by extending the powers of the supervision authorities, the Portuguese Securities and Exchange Commission and the Bank of Portugal, as well as by establishing that the provisions of the Securities Code and of the General Regime of the Credit and Financial Institutions are applicable to the administrative offenses. Such a review will be carried out through the introduction of specific changes to these two diplomas and through the adoption of a new legal of collective investment undertakings.