This week the pace quickens within the House and Senate policy committees while the Appropriations committees received presentations on Governor Cooper's proposed budget recommendations.

Regulatory Reform (HB131 (link is external))

A bill entitled Regulatory Reform Act of 2016, which seeks to adopt all of the regulatory provisions agreed upon by the House and Senate last year, has passed the Senate Natural and Environmental Resources Committee and the Senate Rules Committee. The bill will be heard on the Senate floor Tuesday, March 14th.

Subpoenas Issued

Senate committees have continued the process of confirming Governor Cooper's Cabinet members despite the matter being the subject of a pending lawsuit. The Senate confirmed Larry Hall to be Secretary of Military and Veterans Affairs this week. Similar to a process followed with Secretary Hall, Senate committees issued subpoenas to three other acting secretaries to appear before them-- Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon, Natural and Cultural Resources Secretary Susi Hamilton, and Environmental Quality Secretary Michael Regan.

Judicial Appointments (HB239 (link is external), HB240 (link is external), HB241 (link is external))

The House approved three bills this week that will effectively limit the Governor's ability to appoint judges. The trio of bills, all filed by Representative Justin Burr (R-Albemarle), would reduce the size of the State Court of Appeals from 15 to 12 (HB239) and would grant the General Assembly the authority to appoint District Court vacancies (HB240) and special superior court judges vacancies.

Bills Filed

House Bills

H254 (link is external)

Surplus Computers for Low-Income Students.

H255 (link is external)

Cornelius Annexation.

H256 (link is external)

Modify Various Appointments.

H257 (link is external)

Stanly County Municipalities/Contracts.

H258 (link is external)

Amend Med. Mal. Health Care Provider Defin.

H259 (link is external)

Got Natural Milk.

H260 (link is external)

Attorney General/North Shore Rd. Payment.

H261 (link is external)

Displaced Residential Land Tax Deferral.

H262 (link is external)

Kannapolis Deannexation.

H263 (link is external)

UCC: Accord & Satisfaction Modification.

H264 (link is external)

Disqualify Certain Property From PUV.

H265 (link is external)

Partisan Elections/Certain School Boards.

H266 (link is external)

Terminate Agreement for Tolling of I-77.

H267 (link is external)

Utilities/Amend REPS Requirements.

H268 (link is external)

City of Belmont Charter Revisions.

H269 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Person County.

H270 (link is external)

The Haley Hayes Newborn Screening Bill.

H271 (link is external)

Repeal Plastic Bag Ban.

H272 (link is external)

Fox and Coyote Trapping/Yadkin County.

H273 (link is external)

Charter Schools in State Health Plan.

H274 (link is external)

Increase Penalties for Debt Adjusting.

H275 (link is external)

No Stormwater Fees on Taxiways or Runways.

H276 (link is external)

Strengthen Youth Tobacco Use Prevention/Funds.

H277 (link is external)

Expand Rx Drug Abuse Advisory Committee.

H278 (link is external)

Occ.Lic./Amend Fee Sched. Barber Examiners Bd.

H279 (link is external)

Fantasy Sports Regulation.

H280 (link is external)

Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Act.

H281 (link is external)

Sch. Cal. Modification/Hoke County Schools.

H282 (link is external)

Yadkin Occupancy Tax Modification.

H283 (link is external)

Telehealth Fairness Act.

H284 (link is external)

25-Year LEO Retirement Option.

H285 (link is external)

Suicide Prevention/Awareness School Personnel.

H286 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Cumberland County.

H287 (link is external)

Red Light Cameras/Hope Mills & Spring Lake.

H288 (link is external)

Town of Raynham/Extend Mayor's Term of Office.

H289 (link is external)

Living Wage By 2022.

H290 (link is external)

Abolish Columbus County Coroner.

H291 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Certain School Systems.

H292 (link is external)

Disapprove Cape Fear Rules.

H293 (link is external)

Onslow Bd. Ed. Partisan/Swain Clarify Elect.

H294 (link is external)

Unclaimed Property Notice Requirements.-AB

H295 (link is external)

Health Care Sharing Expenses Deduction.

H296 (link is external)

School Calendar Flexibility/Moore County.

H297 (link is external)

Amend Habitual DWI.

H298 (link is external)

0.00 Alcohol Restriction - All DWI.

H299 (link is external)

State Health Plan Administrative Changes.-AB

H300 (link is external)

Partially Disabled Veteran/Free Plate.

H301 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Certain School Systems.

H302 (link is external)

DoDEA/Clinical Educators for Student Teaching.

H303 (link is external)

Voter Freedom Act.

H304 (link is external)

DOT/Maintain Driveways Used by School Buses.

H305 (link is external)

School Boards Can't Sue Counties.

H306 (link is external)

E-Verify Required - All Government Contracts.

H307 (link is external)

Board Cert. Behavior Analyst/Autism Coverage.

H308 (link is external)

No Insurance While Driving/Tow Vehicle.

H309 (link is external)

Responsible Deer Management Act.

H310 (link is external)

Wireless Communications Infrastructure Siting.

H311 (link is external)

State Auditor/Various Amendments.-AB

H312 (link is external)

Clarify Rules Review Commission Review.

H313 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Durham Public Schools.

H314 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Orange County.

H315 (link is external)

Kelsey Smith Act.

H316 (link is external)

Catawba Valley CC/Manufacturing Center.

H317 (link is external)

Surcharge Transparency.

H318 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Yadkin County.

H319 (link is external)

Study Solar Facility Decommissioning Rqmts.

H320 (link is external)

Study Electronics Recycling.

H321 (link is external)

Study Solid Waste Disposal Tax.

H322 (link is external)

School Performance Grades.

Senate Bills

S179 (link is external)

Recognize Chowanoke Tribe.

S180 (link is external)

3rd Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S181 (link is external)

Amend W-S Charter/Certain Candidates.

S182 (link is external)

Prohibit Use of Light Bars on Motor Vehicles.

S183 (link is external)

6th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S184 (link is external)

Evidence Passed Vehicle Is a School Bus.

S185 (link is external)

Abolish Columbus County Coroner.

S186 (link is external)

Increase Sampson County Occupancy Tax.

S187 (link is external)

21st Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S188 (link is external)

No Powell Bill Funds/Sanctuary Cities.

S189 (link is external)

Tolling of Misd. Statute of Limitations.

S190 (link is external)

The Haley Hayes Newborn Screening Bill.

S191 (link is external)

28th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S192 (link is external)

Consolidate State Offices/Digital Docs Req'd.

S193 (link is external)

37th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S194 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Caldwell County.

S195 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Watauga County.

S196 (link is external)

Veterinary Practice Omnibus.

S197 (link is external)

Adopt Bobcat as State Cat.

S198 (link is external)

Study Efficacy of Film Credit Versus Grant.

S199 (link is external)

Law Enforcement Officer Retirement/25 Years.

S200 (link is external)

7th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S201 (link is external)

School Calendar Flexibility/Certain Systems.

S202 (link is external)

23rd Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S203 (link is external)

Establish Ownership of Mineral Rights.

S204 (link is external)

Allow Concealed Carry on UNC & CC Campuses.

S205 (link is external)

Resolution to Allow SAV Oyster Leasing.

S206 (link is external)

Municipal Elections in Even-Numbered Years.

S207 (link is external)

34th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S208 (link is external)

Counties/Internet Infrastructure.

S209 (link is external)

Nonpartisan Redistricting Commission.

S210 (link is external)

Living Wage By 2022.

S211 (link is external)

Charter Schools/Higher Ed.

S212 (link is external)

ABC Elections.

S213 (link is external)

Military State Income Tax Relief.

S214 (link is external)

49th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S215 (link is external)

Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Calendar Pilot.

S216 (link is external)

Local Firefighter Relief Fund Reporting.

S217 (link is external)

Richmond/Right-of-Way Safety.

S218 (link is external)

State Health Plan Administrative Changes.-AB

S219 (link is external)

2nd Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S220 (link is external)

Motor Fuel Tax Refund for Joint Agency.

S221 (link is external)

School Calendar Flexibility/Guilford County.

S222 (link is external)

Search & Rescue Name/Funds.

S223 (link is external)

Habitual Felons/Clarify Previous Convictions.

S224 (link is external)

Include B/E With Intent to Terrorize in HB/E .

S225 (link is external)

Abolish Cleveland County Coroner.

S226 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Certain School Systems.

S227 (link is external)

School Cal. Flex./Certain Systems.

S228 (link is external)

Voter Freedom Act.

S229 (link is external)

Protection for Former Government Officer.

S230 (link is external)

Exempt Vacation Linen Rentals From Sales Tax.

S231 (link is external)

Dental Services/Medicaid Transformation.

S232 (link is external)

Septic Tank Tax Fairness Act.

S233 (link is external)

Permit Align School/Comm. College Calendar.

S234 (link is external)

SBA Pay/Needs-Based Pub. Sch. Capital Fund.

S235 (link is external)

Appropriations Act of 2017.

S236 (link is external)

Efficient and Affordable Energy Rates.

S237 (link is external)

School Calendar Flex./Caswell County.

S238 (link is external)

Caswell County Meals Tax.

S239 (link is external)

Youth Development Pilot Program.