Legal analytics firm Lex Machina has issued a “Patent Litigation Damages Report” that analyzes patent litigation damages awarded in U.S. district court cases filed between January 1, 2000, and December 31, 2013. While some blockbuster damage awards have occurred in recent years, the report found that “[o]ut of 36,629 patent cases filed and terminated from 2000 through 2013, only 708 cases (1.9%) involved compensatory damage awards.” The report explores damages awarded by district, finding “[n]o surprise here for patent litigators: Cases filed in the Eastern District of Texas have generated the most awards of compensatory damages (84 cases), total compensatory damages (over $5 billion of $13 billion national total, or 38%), total reasonable royalty damages ($2.9 billion of $8 billion national total, or 36%), total lost profits damages ($1.4 billion of $2.7 billion national total, or 52%) and total enhanced damages ($232 million of $989 million national total, or 23%) than cases filed in any other district over the past 14 years.” The report also names the specific judges who have awarded the most in total compensatory damages, the parties involved and counsel.