USCIS announced that it anticipates the H-1B quotas of 65,000 for the “Regular Cap” and 20,000 for the “Master’s Cap” to be reached by April 5, 2013. As a result, it has delayed the adjudication of Premium Processing cases until after April 15, 2013. (USCIS H-1B Announcement)

Employers should note:

  • The H-1B cap may possibly be reached in less than 5 business days;
  • USCIS will begin adjudicating cases on April 15, 2013;
  • Employers and employees who intended to use Premium Processing to seek early approval of their cases should adjust their expectations and plan accordingly;
  • Please note that it takes approximately 10 days to prepare an H-1B petition because of the LCA certification requirements; and
  • Fennemore Craig has seen a recent surge of requests for H-1B filings. Employers should contact us immediately if they want to submit an H-1B petition by April 1.