The 86th Texas legislative session begins in January 2019. State lawmakers plan to examine the competitive nature of Texas’ retail electric system and address several issues related to the state’s wind energy market, including decommissioning, marginal loss and negative pricing, ancillary services, and defending incentive programs (such as Chapter 312, Chapter 313 and the Texas Renewable Portfolio Standard). Currently, the renewable energy industry is under attack due to an undisclosed donor to a conservative policy think tank aiming to end tax incentives for renewable energy projects in Texas, including the Chapter 312 and 313 programs.

Tax incentive programs allow Texas to compete in the free market and secure investments in the state, benefitting renewable energy and oil and gas companies, as well as supporting state-funded programs. For example, renewable energy projects in Texas contribute 20 percent of their tax benefits to school districts through supplemental payments, according to the Texas comptroller.