It's true. In a win for flatulence aficionados, the crop dusting connoisseurs, and office whoopee wizards, it's our proud "dooty" to report that the Victorian Supreme Court has ruled that farting is not workplace bullying.

Seriously though, workplace bulling occurs when a worker is the target of unreasonable or intimidating conduct, often creating a risk to health and safety, including mental  health.

However, after an 18 day hearing, which must have included an unfathomable depth of fart jokes, the Court found that David Hingst, a former employee of Construction Engingeering Australia, was not subject to workplace bullying at the hands (or cheeks) of his supervisor. The Court chalked up the supervisor's conduct to simple mucking around, which Mr Hingst participated in by giving the supervisor the likely fitting nickname of "Mr Stinky".

The Court found the farting didn't intimidate Mr Hingst or cause him any distress. While that may have been the case with Mr Hingst, all jokes aside, being farted at or on certainly isn't a pleasant experience and depending on the situation, could easily amount to workplace bullying.

So choose your fart friends wisely but rest assured the Courts have some tolerance for good old fashioned toilet humour.