As I always say, “What do I know?”

Based on the information I had, I felt that this should have been a summary judgment case for the Los Angeles Times. But the jury in Los Angeles did not agree. Law360 (and some of our readers – thank you!) reports that the jury came back with a verdict for former sports columnist T.J. Simers in his age and disability discrimination case of $7.2 million. Mr. Simers had originally sued for $18 million and, after the trial, asked the jury for roughly $12 million.

According to the Law360 article (paid subscription required), the award consisted of $330,358 in past economic damages, $1.8 million in future economic damages, and $5 million in past and future non-economic damages (pain and suffering, I presume).

I suspect the Times will try to get the verdict set aside or, if that fails, will appeal.

Thanks again to Daniel Siegal of Law360 for his continuing coverage of this case, and to the readers who emailed me about the verdict this evening.