The Central Bank of Ireland (“CBI”) on 28 March 2013 published updated guidance (“guidance”) on the frequently asked questions relating to the Fitness and Probity Regime under Part 3 of the Central Bank Reform Act 2010. The updates in the guidance clarify the need to submit an Individual Questionnaire where an individual performing a pre-approval controlled function is reappointed or re-elected, or where their contract of employment is renewed.

Additionally the CBI has issued a number of notable publications in recent months, including:

Programme of Themed Reviews for 2013 (12 February 2013)

The Central Bank Enforcement Priorities for 2013 (12 February 2013)

The Report on the Retail Intermediary Sector in Ireland (28 February 2013)

The CBI also announced that Matthew Elderfield would step down from his role as Deputy Governor (effective October 2013) and, that Derville Rowland has been appointed as Director of Enforcement to replace Peter Oakes.