The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (the “PSA”) is an umbrella regulator, which oversees nine statutory bodies regulating health professionals in the UK and social workers in England.

The PSA has recently published its Annual Performance Review of the General Pharmaceutical Council (the “GPhC”) in the UK. The Review analyzes the performance of the GPhC as a regulator as against the PSA’s 24 Standards of Good Regulation (the “Standards”).

The Review found that the GPhC met all 24 of the PSA’s standards, including Education and Training, Guidance and Standards, Registration and Fitness to Practise.

Of particular interest, the GhPC’s revised threshold criteria in respect of cases to be referred to the Investigating Committee, which will come into effect as of January 2018, fell outside the scope of the review. The revised threshold criteria will be reviewed by the PSA in 2018 and will be watched with interest.

You can read the PSA’s Review in full here.


In Ireland, pharmacists and pharmacies are regulated by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (the “PSI”). The PSI recently launched its Annual Report, indicating that trust in the pharmacy profession in Ireland remains high. Our recent blog in relation to the Report can be accessed here.