On October 15, 2009, the OIG published a notice that seeks information from organizations that believe they have the capability to be monitors of health care entities under quality-of-care CIA with OIG. Such monitors typically are responsible for assessing the effectiveness, reliability, and thoroughness of the health care entity's: (1) internal quality control systems; (2) response to quality-of-care issues; (3) development and implementation of corrective action plans and the timeliness of such actions; (4) proactive steps to ensure that each patient receives care in accordance with basic care, treatment, and protection-from-harm standards; the governing regulations; and the policies and procedures required to be adopted under the CIA; and (5) in residential settings, compliance with staffing requirements. In making these assessments, the monitor conducts site visits, analyzes available data, observes facility and corporate-level committee meetings, and reviews relevant documents, and the monitor submits regular written reports to the provider and OIG. The OIG notes that in order to select an appropriate monitor for any individual quality-of-care CIA, the OIG consider, but is not limited to, selecting an organization that responds to this notice. Responses may be submitted to the OIG on an ongoing basis.