Alongside the above report, more detailed guidance on the establishment and operation of Quality Surveillance Groups (QSG) has been published.

The key points to note are:

  • QSGs will act as a virtual team across a health and care economy. There is a helpful diagram on page 52 of the main report/page 6 of the guidance
  • Local QSGs are described as the backbone and regional QSGs provide an escalation mechanism
  • Provider organisations are not included in the membership but may be invited to a risk summit (see below)
  • QSGs are not statutory bodies, have no legislative basis and no formal powers
  • Page 7 sets out what is not within their scope
  • Initially, they will meet monthly locally and quarterly regionally. The NHS Commissioning Board will provide a support and facilitation role and will provide the Chair
  • Any statutory organisation which has concerns about the quality of care of a provider should alert other QSG members by triggering a risk summit
  • All QSGs should be established by 1 April and have had their initial meeting in advance of that date
  • Details of what should be covered at the first meeting are set out at page 11 and future meetings at pages 12 and 13. Draft agendas are at annexes C and D
  • A key source of information will be the National Quality Dashboard – training will be provided. See Annex B
  • Annex A contains an assurance process and proformas along with implementation checklists
  • An updated version will be published in Autumn 2013