U.S. Rep.-elect Don Beyer (D-Va.) has reportedly indicated to his constituents and supporters that he, like retiring Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), will work to enact legislation that would prohibit testing cosmetic products on animals. In a campaign email, Beyer said, “The United States must be a world leader and not a follower” on this issue. With Republicans taking control of Congress in 2015, this type of legislation may be difficult to pass, although more than 140 cosmetic companies have endorsed a bill that Moran introduced to ban animal testing and the sale of any new cosmetics if the product or any component was developed with animal testing. Of the 55 representatives signing on as co-sponsors of the Moran bill just one was a Republican who has apparently received contributions from the Humane Society Legislative Fund. See Salon.com, November 15, 2014.