Following a recently released report by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in connection with a “Section 301” investigation, President Trump has directed the U.S. Government to propose possible restrictions on Chinese investment in U.S. companies. At this time, the nature and scope of potential restrictions are unknown though there could be significant impacts on proposed or pending investments from Chinese acquirers, especially state-owned enterprises. These foreign investment restrictions may be accompanied by other executive action, such as tariff increases (25%) for certain products, as well as initiating a World Trade Organization (“WTO”) dispute to address China’s allegedly discriminatory licensing practices.

各⽅如何成功通过CFIUS 审查?关键在于整理数据、提前预警,并积极与 CFIUS 保持沟通。我们的 2018 年春季 CFIUS 简报简单介绍了⽬前的⼤环境,例举了特朗普时代的数据,并阐述了如何采取更具有前瞻性的步骤在美从事商业交易。