The Commission has published a report on the implementation of the Postal Directive. The Postal Directive sets a deadline of end-2010 for full market opening by most Member States, including Ireland. The Commission's report highlights that there has been progress towards gradual opening to competition in the postal services market across the EU's Member States in the 2006-2008 period. Substantial progress for example has been made in both Germany and the United Kingdom, whose postal markets are now fully liberalised.

 The report does however criticise a slowdown in market liberalisation in some other Member States, such as the Netherlands, and expresses the view that national regulatory authorities should be strengthened in order to be able to deal with the challenges of implementing the Directive and arranging interoperability between postal carriers in a multi-operator market. In particular, the Commission is of the view that national regulators have a "crucial role in establishing common rules, taking action against strategic or any other barriers to entry and ensuring that tariffs are cost oriented".