On September 11, 2019, the Law for the Reorganization of the Agencies that Promote Economic Development, Employment Generation, Administrative Facilitation and Promotion of the Country between the Honduran Government and the Private Sector was published in the Official Gazette. The aforementioned law modifies and adds articles to the Financial System and the Securities Market Law, and grants a series of exemptions to investment funds, mutual and securitization funds and trusts.

As a highlight, within the amendment to the National Program for the Generation of Employment and Economic Growth "Honduras 2020 Program" Law, article 2 states that "purchases of goods and services made by companies and projects of sectors promoted under the National Program for Employment Generation and Economic Development "Honduras 2020" that operate within the special regimes in the rest of the national territory, are considered imports from outside of the country and are exempt from the payment of all types of tariffs, a rate that does not come from the direct provision of the service and taxes".

This is expected to give a boost to investment and economy in the country, reviving the generation of jobs.