In the 49 Final Written Decisions issued by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board in October, the Board cancelled 660 (70.36%) of the instituted claims and declined to cancel 278 (29.64%) of the instituted claims. Patent owners did not concede any instituted claims through motions to amend or disclaimer.

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On a per-case basis, no instituted or substitute claims survived in 31 (63.27%) of the decisions, all instituted claims survived in 13 (26.53%) of the decisions, and a mixed outcome occurred in 5 (10.20%) of the decisions. A mixed outcome occurs where at least one instituted or substitute claim remains patentable, and at least one is cancelled, in a Final Written Decision.

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The overall cumulative instituted claim survival rate, broken down by technology center, is as follows:

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Numbers of final written decisions by technology center and instituted claim survival rates by technology center are available here.