On 29 October the FSA published its latest edition of Market Watch. In this edition of Market Watch there were articles on the following:

  • Visits to hedge fund managers.
  • Insider trading reviews by the FSA: the importance of timetables and insider lists.
  • Non-market price transactions.
  • Non-retail Transaction Enquiry Form.
  • Transaction reporting rules.
  • MiFID trade reporting.

In the article 'Non-market price transactions' the FSA briefly comments on non-market price transactions in light of the whole of the Inter-Professional Conduct chapter of the FSA Handbook (MAR 3) being deleted with effect from 1 November 2007.

In the article 'Transaction reporting rules' the FSA refers to its proposals relating to transaction reporting that were set out in Consultation Paper 07/16: Consequential Handbook Amendments (CP07/16). The FSA states that it has modified its proposed amendment to 17.1.4R of the Supervision Manual but will defer implementing the revised provision until the second half of 2008. The FSA also confirms that it has amended its rules for the requirement to identify a systematic internaliser in the venue identification field and the May 2007 CESR Level 3 Transaction Reporting Guidelines for branches as proposed in CP07/16.

In the article 'MiFID - Trade Reporting' the FSA confirms that it strongly supports the February 2007 CESR Level 3 Guidelines on publication and consolidation of MiFID market transparency data (Guideline No.2 and Recommendation No. 1).

View Market Watch - issue 24 (PDF 93.8KB), , 29 October 2007