On March 5, 2020 the FDA sent out a notice about work being done on Cannabidiol products. The announcement seeks information from the public in the form of research about the effects of Cannabidiol products. The FDA is reopening the public docket established in May 2019 for the submission of data related to the efficacy and safety of Cannabidiol. The docket includes a mechanism for stakeholders to submit data and information that is confidential.

The FDA is also awarded a grant to the FDA’s National Center for Toxicological Research to conduct a study on CBD exposure during pregnancy. It also initiated a research study in partnership with the University of Mississippi to evaluate the levels of CBD and THC in sample cosmetic products to assess the sensitivity of humans to THC and CBD topically and dermal penetration.

The FDA continues to monitor the marketplace, especially in the area of claims made about the treatment and cure of diseases, including Alzheimer’s, cancer and other serious diseases. The FDA reiterates its concern about the use of the products for such diseases and claims made by manufacturers without knowing the long term impact on the health of the population.

This is a continuation of the FDA’s work with Cannabidiol and emphasizes that FDA is still not ready to deem Cannabidiol safe for long term use or the treatment of diseases and will continue to send out warning letters related to unsubstantiated health claims.