The Commission approved, subject to commitments, the merger between US Airways Group and AMR Corporation, including its main subsidiary American Airlines, Inc. Both companies are major US flag commercial airlines providing scheduled air passenger services. The Commission’s investigation revealed that the proposed merger, as initially notified, would have led to a monopoly on the London-Philadelphia route out of London Heathrow airport as US Airways and American Airlines are the only carriers offering non-stop flights on this route. American Airlines operates on this route through its transatlantic joint venture with British Airways and Iberia, even though British Airways de facto operates the route in question. The Commission investigated also numerous other transatlantic routes and found that the combined entity will continue to face competition from other strong competitors. To address the Commission’s concerns regarding the monopoly on the London-Philadelphia route, the parties submitted commitments to release one daily slot pair at London Heathrow and Philadelphia airports and also provided further incentives such as the possibility for a new entrant to acquire grandfathering rights after a certain period of time. Furthermore, the parties, supported by their joint venture partners British Airways and Iberia, committed to entering into special feed traffic agreements with the likely entrant airline. In view of these commitments, the Commission concluded that the proposed merger will not significantly impede effective competition in the EEA or in any substantial part thereof. Source: Commission Press Release 5/08/2013