In the wake of the novel coronavirus and its disruption to all things business and personal, many state insurance departments across the country have taken action to provide guidance for the insurance industry during this unprecedented challenge. As the outbreak continues, the information promulgated by state insurance regulators continues to evolve and covers a variety of topics applicable to life, health, and property and casualty industries.

Pertinent issues addressed include:

  • Increased telehealth access and requirements.
  • Adjustment of licensing renewal periods.
  • Health insurance operations and coverage requirements.
  • Business continuity and operational plans for insurance carriers.
  • Insurance policy cancellation limitations.
  • Travel insurance exclusions and coverage for epidemics such as coronavirus.
  • Business interruption insurance and coverage for losses in relation to COVID-19.
  • Extension of filing deadlines.
  • Discounted automobile insurance premiums, and expanded automobile coverage to allow personal vehicles to be covered while delivering essential services for commercial purposes.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has assembled a list of all current state actions taken in response to the pandemic to assist insurance professionals and consumers in understanding and managing the risks of the current outbreak of COVID-19. The NAIC’s Coronavirus Resource Center provides additional detail regarding these actions.