The Federal Government announced more than $80 million in federal dollars will be distributed to Ohio’s Energy Office and individual counties and cities to fund energy efficiency projects. The money can be spent on a variety of projects including the following:

  • Developing an energy efficiency and conservation strategy
  • Technical consultant services
  • Residential and commercial building energy audits
  • Financial incentive programs
  • Energy efficiency retrofits
  • Development and implementation of transportation programs
  • Building code modifications and inspections
  • Energy distribution projects
  • Material conservation programs
  • Methane gas reduction and capture programs
  • Energy efficient traffic signal and streetlight replacement
  • Renewable energy initiatives for government buildings
  • Any other “appropriate activity”

*Source: Ohio Department of Development at: EnergyEfficiencyConservationBlockGrants. htm

Of the $84 million, approximately $59 million will go directly to Ohio political subdivisions. Another $25 million is allocated to the state, 60 percent of which must be spent as sub grants to local communities. Finally, the program includes a nationwide competitive component totaling approximately $400 million.

Many recipients of the $59 million local portion have been announced, although the official deadline to submit applications is June 25, 2009. Some of the communities receiving large energy efficiency grants include: Columbus, at almost $7.5 million; Toledo, who received more than $3 million; Cincinnati and Cleveland at $3.5 and $4.5 million, respectively; and Akron with $3 million. Both urban and suburban counties also received money, including Butler, Clermont, Lake and Warren counties. See the back page for the complete listing of local government recipients.