The MOEA ruled on April 14, 2015 to affirm TIPO's decision which rejected an application for registration of the trademark "妖怪郵政" (meaning, "monster postal affairs") on the services "delivery of mail; courier services; delivery of goods, etc." in Class 39.  The MOEA indicated that Article 30-I-(8) of Trademark Act ("TA") provides that "a mark shall not be registered if it is likely to mislead the public as to the features or quality of the services".  Further, in accordance with Article 7 of Postal Act, "apart from Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. or those authorized by it, no one is allowed to use '郵政' ['postal affairs' in Chinese] or '郵局' ['post office' in Chinese] to identify its own business, services or goods".  By adopting the words "郵政", the applied-for mark "妖怪郵政" may likely cause the consumers to mistakenly connect the services associated with the mark with Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. and therefore, may mislead the consumers as to the features or quality of the services.  Hence, the rejected mark should be denied for registration pursuant to Article 30-I-(8) of TA.