In a Decision n°2013-0004 of 29 January 2013, the ARCEP introduced a system of measuring and follow-up of the quality of the fixed internet access service. This decision was then approved by an Order of 23 March 2013 of the minister of small and medium businesses, innovation and digital economy. The aims of the ARCEP are the improvement of the information of the Internet users and the granting to the ARCEP of means allowing it to perform its supervisory role of the general level of quality of the fixed telephony and Internet access services. This dispositive also comes from works and reflexions organized by the ARCEP since 2010 on the technical and economic aspects of the Internet neutrality.

The system is divided into two parts: principal measures realized by the operators in dedicated lines and environment and additional measures,

incumbent to the ARCEP, realized by voluntary users from their own equipment. The measures will be published on a semi-annual basis by the ARCEP, the first publication being supposed to occur in December 2013.