HC Public Accounts Committee: Accountability to Parliament for taxpayers' money: this report scrutinises the role of Departmental Accounting Officers (AOs) who are personally responsible and accountable to Parliament for their department’s use of public money and the stewardship of its assets. They have to balance these responsibilities to Parliament with their other responsibilities as Permanent Secretaries to serve their Ministers. It finds that the growing use of complex delivery methods, such as devolution to local areas, outsourced contracts, government companies and cross-cutting initiatives, has often not been accompanied by clarity over accountability arrangements. Also, there are too many examples of departmental AOs allowing projects and initiatives such as funding to the charity Kids Company to proceed unchallenged, despite strong evidence of poor value for money. There is consequently a damaging lack of transparency as AOs’ concerns about the use of public money are not brought to Parliament’s attention. (4 May 2016)