The Complaints Board of the New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority has found that a chiropractor's newspaper advertisement contained a therapeutic claim that the chiropractor was unable to substantiate and, as such, had the potential to mislead customers about the ability to "correct", and therefore treat, spinal pain. 

The advertisement stated, in part: "Do you have back pain?" and described the benefits of its computerised spinal examination. It also stated: "at a modern chiropractic office your doctor is committed to using the highest quality research and clinical grade instrumentation available for detecting and correcting spinal problems" and included two images, one of which was headed "Scoliosis". While the Board was satisfied that the computerised spinal examination could detect spinal problems, it disagreed with the chiropractor's view that there was no claim in the advertisement to cure or treat anything. The Board found that the advertisement breached Principles 2, 3, and 3(a) of the Therapeutic Services Advertising Code as the therapeutic claim about the ability of the technology to "correct", and therefore treat, spinal pain, could not be substantiated. It also noted its concern about the inclusion of the word "scoliosis", as this strongly implied that the technology could also treat this condition.

Epsom Chiropractor Newspaper Advertisement [2013] NZASA 294