Sustainable Technology Development Canada ("SDTC") will be accepting Statements of Interest ("SOIs") for its the SD Tech Fund from February 24 to April 21, 2010. The SOI is an initial application used for preliminary screening and is subject to a competitive review process by SDTC and a panel of independent experts.

SDTC's SD Tech Fund supports projects that address climate change, air quality, clean water, and clean soil. To date, SDTC has completed 15 funding rounds and allocated a total of $464 million to 183 projects. SDTC funding has been leveraged with an additional $1.1 billion in funding from other project partners for a total project value of $1.5 billion.

SDTC focuses on funding development and demonstration projects, which SDTC also describes as projects that take technologies out of the laboratory and prove them in real-world test situations. SDTC funding is not available for primary research and development or for initial proof of concept projects. Applicants must therefore demonstrate that:

  • the proposed project is technically sound and undertaken by an applicant with the necessary technical, financial and management capacity;
  • the proposed project will be undertaken in a collaborative and innovative manner;
  • the new technology and related intellectual property will be diffused in a timely manner in the relevant market sectors; and
  • the funding is necessary to ensure that the project proceeds in a manner to ensure broad benefits to Canadians nationally or regionally.

Projects must pertain to one of the following primary sectors of Canada's economy:

  • Energy Exploration, Production, Transmission and Distribution;
  • Power Generation;
  • Energy utilization;
  • Transportation;
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Mining;
  • Waste Management; or Cross-sectoral initiatives.

Part of SDTC's mandate is to encourage consortia that include key technology stakeholders including researchers, product developers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end customers. Applicants for SDTC funding must therefore meet SDTC's consortium requirements.

SDTC has published two helpful webinars for prospective SOI applicants. The first helps potential applicants to determine if they should submit a SOI. The second is a guide to creating a high quality SOI submission