Although the Ohio Statehouse spent a significant amount of time devising and debating Sen. Bill Seitz's (R-Cincinnati) effort to significantly scale back and revise the state's renewable energy and energy efficiency standards, Sub. S.B. 58 has existed in limbo since the senator canceled a committee vote on it in December (See our Dec 6, 2013, blog post – "Ohio Sen. Bill Seitz outlines a new, three-pronged strategy to take down the state's energy efficiency and renewable energy requirements after putting Sub. S.B. 58 on indefinite hiatus"). Sen. Seitz maintains that he had enough votes for it to pass, but that he "agreed to hold off and allow more time to let the full chamber review the issues." Despite this, the Senate recently held a second hearing on S.B. 34, which Sen. Kris Jordan (R-Ostrander) introduced to repeal the renewable energy requirement completely. Sen. Frank LaRose, vice chairman of the Senate Public Utilities Committee, said that he did not believe that either bill had enough support to pass the Senate, according to the Gongwer Ohio Report. Sen. LaRose is considering non-competitive legislation that would break up some of the less controversial parts of Sub. S.B. 58, but said that he wants to work with Sen. Seitz, who chairs the committee. Sen. Cliff Hite (R-Findlay) said he would specifically like to introduce a bill salvaging the industrial opt-out proposal, but said he has yet to introduce legislation "due to a lack of agreement on how to implement the details of an industrial opt-out," the article said.