The National Futures Association settled a complaint brought against Kingsview Futures LLC and Joshua Lewis, the firm’s sole owner and chief executive officer, for accepting retail customer accounts referred to it by Trading Advantage, a third-party unregistered firm that trained persons to trade futures and that purportedly used materially misleading promotional materials. Mr. Lewis owned Trading Advantage exclusively from 1999 through 2005, and afterwards co-owned the company with Larry Levin. Kingsview Futures agreed to pay a fine of US $50,000 to settle the NFA’s charges against it and Mr. Lewis. Previously, Noel Sinclair, Kingsview’s chief compliance officer from March 2012 through August 2016, also resolved charges brought against him by NFA related to this matter by agreeing not to act as a principal of an NFA member or in any compliance capacity for two years. NFA alleged that Mr. Sinclair failed to query Kingsview’s clients, who were customers of Trading Advantage, regarding whether Trading Advantage’s promotional literature was materially misleading, and to correct any misleading statements.