The EU Intra-company Transferee Directive 2014/66 (EU ICT Permit) has been implemented into Austrian national law. The ICT directive will allow non-EU/EEA individuals who are qualified managers, specialists and graduate trainees to work in Austria or any of the EU countries implementing the directive on a temporary basis, as long as the company they will be working is within the same group of companies as the sending company. 

These third country nationals must have worked at the sending company for at least 9 months (6 months for trainees). This differs from the previous ICT scheme (Rotationsarbeitskraft) that was initially in place.  Another difference of the EU ICT permit, in comparison to the previous scheme, is the EU ICT permit is only issued with a validity of 12 months (renewable for up to 3 years for managers and specialists, and non-renewable for trainees).