Recent statistics show that the Estonian PTO registered 1,231 trademarks in 2015 and validated 1,185 international registrations, bringing the total number of trademarks in the register to 27,954 and the total number of valid international registrations to 30,115.

In 2014 the PTO registered 1,173 trademarks and validated 1,435 international registrations.

The majority of the trademarks registered (967) in 2015 belong to Estonian citizens and businesses, 36 belong to US applicants, 25 come from Latvia, 21 from Switzerland, and 15 from the Netherlands.

With regards to the total number of trademarks registered in Estonia, 42 percent (11,729) belong to Estonian citizens, 14.5 percent (4,057) are of US origin, 7.9 percent (2,213) belong to German nationals, while 5.1 percent (1,424) belong to Swiss citizens.

As for the international registrations validated in 2015, most of them (223) come from Russia, followed by China with 103, Germany with 85, and Ukraine with 68 registrations.