LGO: Older people in Solihull could be refunded incorrectly calculated care charges: an investigation into Solihull MBC has found that the Council may have demanded charges from 63 older people in the borough after assessing their finances incorrectly. The investigation followed a complaint by the family of a man who had been charged the full cost of his care at home. It was argued that he should not have been charged the full cost for his care because his share of the couple’s savings and joint accounts was less than the required amount. The LGO found fault with the way that the Council had applied the capital limit, as it was contrary to the Government’s Fairer Charging Guidance at the time. The LGO's investigation uncovered a further 63 people in the borough who may have been similarly affected. The Council has agreed to ensure any overpayments will be returned to them. (2 June 2016)