The 2013 Florida Legislature provided two opportunities for extension of certain development permits and approvals, both of which require that the holder of the permit or approval provide notice to the issuing agency by a specific deadline. The first of these deadlines is imminent.

New October 1 Deadline to File for 2012 Two-Year Extension 

If you missed filing for last year's two-year extension provided under Chapter 2012-205, Laws of Florida (House Bill 503), Chapter 2013-213 (House Bill 7019) gives you another chance to do so, but you must act quickly. The original deadline to file notice was December 31, 2012. Chapter 2013-213 extends this deadline to October 1, 2013. While the criteria for this particular extension limits its applicability, it presents an opportunity for many projects that missed past extensions or were recently approved. To exercise the extension, the holder of the permit or authorization must provide written notice to the authorizing agency by the new deadline, identifying the authorization being extended and the anticipated timeframe for acting on the authorization. Please see the July Practice Update for additional information and criteria. 

New Three-Year Extension for Unincorporated Areas in the Florida Keys

Chapter 2013-213 also provides a new three-year extension for certain projects within the Florida Keys Area of Critical State Concern. This extension applies only within those areas to be served by central sewer systems by December 2015 in unincorporated Monroe County, excluding special wastewater districts. Please see the July Practice Update for additional information and criteria. 

Clients are urged not to delay in filing the notices required to exercise the extensions. The various extensions may or may not apply to specific development approvals. Akerman can assist clients in identifying which extensions apply and in providing the required notifications to the appropriate agencies.