On June 30, 2017, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court issued the first-instance judgment of one invention patent infringement dispute case, awarding the defendant – an electromechanical company should immediately cease its infringement upon the invention patent of the plaintiff - Brother Industries, and compensate the plaintiff RMB5.5 million for the economic losses and reasonable expenses.

 The Shanghai Intellectual Property Court held that the plaintiff is the patentee of the invention–Intermittent presser foot up-down drive device and sewing machine, and this patent is currently valid. No entities or individuals may, without the authorization of the patentee, make, use, offer to sell, sell and import the patented products, for production or business purposes, otherwise, it will committee patent infringement and is liable for corresponding civil liabilities according to law. The evidences submitted in this case are adequate to prove the wide scope, longtime period, large sales volume and high profitability of the infringement (RMB5 million), so the defendant is ordered to pay the plaintiff for the economic losses and reasonable expenses totaling RMB5.5 million.