Call for reduction of tourism VAT: The devolved Governments are calling on the treasury to assess the benefits of a reduction of VAT on their tourism sectors as applies in a large number of EU member states. View >

Liability for internet advertising: The European Court of Justice has held that a motor dealership is not liable for internet advertising associating its name with the Daimler brand, if it has done its best to get it removed. View > 

Debate over fisheries standard: Greenpeace has criticised the use of bottom trawling in MSC certified fisheries in the Barents Sea. View > 

Marine Stewardship Council >

Calls not to use antimicrobials on healthy animals:The European Public Health Alliance has highlighted a call by European medical bodies and pressure groups for a ban on the routine use of antimicrobials to treat healthy animals. View > 

WHO Codex has also published an update on its activities in this area. View >

Scottish Public Health Bill: The Bill will set an 18 age limit for purchase of e-cigarettes and require licensing of retailers selling them. View >

Tax simplification: The Office of Tax simplification has published a range of changes to assist small businesses. View >