The main purpose of this measure is to modify the date by which companies that are subject to the corporate income tax and which end their fiscal year on December 31 must file their balance statement so as to make it the same as the tax returns filing date. These companies currently have to file their tax returns by the second business day after May 1 (with 15 more days granted for Internet filings), whereas the balance statement, which determines whether the company has a balance due on the tax or if a refund is due for overpayment, is set for April 15.

Article 20 of the act modifies the latter date, pushing it back to May 15 for filing the balance statement for companies whose fiscal year ends on December 31.

The secondary purpose of this provision is to make the refund request for overpayment of the corporate income tax based on the balance statement subject to the filing of an earnings declaration. Hence, for companies whose fiscal year ends on December 31, in practice, the deadline for the overpayment refund is pushed back one month (because a refund must be made within 30 days of the balance statement filing).

These new rules apply as of January 1, 2014.