The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) failed to follow state rulemaking procedures when it imposed “stricter limits on a wastewater plant that discharges treated water into Blacklick Creek near Pickerington,”The Columbus Dispatch reports. Fairfield County commissioners challenged the limits, arguing they “were denied due process” because the Ohio EPA did not follow procedures requiring “public notice, comment and hearings before imposing pollution limits affecting bodies of water,” according to the article. The Ohio EPA contended that it is required to set pollution limits to “meet federal standards under the Clean Water Act” and that “setting pollution limits was not a ‘rule’ that required” following the rulemaking procedures. In the court’s opinion, Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger wrote that such limits must “be approved through the state rulemaking process” before the Ohio EPA submits them to the U.S. EPA for approval. For more, read the full article.