The First Borssele Offshore Wind tender closed 12 May 2016. The Minister of Economic Affairs announced that 38 applications for a license and SDE subsidy have been filed for the first two designated Sites in the Borssele wind area. Under the relevant regulation it was possible for each applicant to submit an application for Site I, for Site II and a combined application for Sites I&II. This means that at least 13 parties are contesting in the tender (and possibly more, if there are less combined applications).

So far, only a few applicants have publicly announced being a contester in the tender: Nuon/Vattenfall (stand-alone); a consortium of Shell, Eneco, Van Oord and Vestas; a consortium of RWE, Macquarie and EDP; a consortium of Delta, Deme and Siemens; and a consortium of regional parties ZMf, Zeeland Seaports, Delta, Verbrugge, Heerema en Zeeuwind.

The maximum statutory decision period 13 weeks will end 11 August 2016. The award decision is determined by ranking the eligible applications by tender amount (lowest ranks highest).

It is expected, however, that an award decision will be rendered earlier than 11 August. The Second Borssele Offshore Wind Tender has already been announced to open August 2016 and contesters will want to know the result of the First Tender before lining up for the Second.

On 20 May 2016, the appeal period for the Site Decisions closed. Appeals against the Site Decisions can only be lodged by interested parties that submitted views against de Draft Site Decisions. At the date of this publication, the relevant court could not yet indicate whether and which interested parties lodged an appeal.