The avid bulletin readers amongst you will no doubt fondly recall our March 2010 edition announcing the introduction of an employee's right to request unpaid time off work to train in businesses with more than 250 employees. The right (in force since 6 April 2010) is now being reviewed as part of the Government's aim of reducing the regulatory burden on business. To feed into this review, the Government has published a consultation asking employees, businesses and other interested parties for their opinions on the right to request time off to train.

This consultation period will be shorter than the normal 12 weeks and will close on 15 September 2010. The shorter consultation period will allow all representations to be made before the 17 September deadline for submissions to the next meeting of the Reducing Regulation Committee.

The consultation is seeking views about the future of the 'right to request time to train' legislation and whether the right should be repealed, retained for large organisations or extended to small and medium sized organisations as planned. Further information can be found at the following link if you are so minded to put in your tuppence worth: The government will publish its response in December 2010.