Tencent Holdings, whose social media service WeChat is used across China, has said on its Weibo blog that its TiMi Studio Group will be working with the Japanese Pokemon Company on developing games. This collaboration should aid Nintendo and Pokemon tackle prevalent piracy in China.

Although Shenzhen-based company Tencent’s own ‘Let’s Hunt Monsters’ has faced much criticism for sharing many features with Pokemon Go, as Tencent’s game also uses real-world locations and players throw balls to capture monsters, the game is seen as one of the 30 highest-grossing apps in China, according to researcher Sensor Tower. As such, the alliance between Tencent and the Pokemon company could allow each to support one another. Tencent may benefit from the alliance in terms of having its international presence boosted by the Pokemon Company; its executives have sought to help diminish concerns developers may have about IP infringement.

In an interview in June, TiMi executive Vincent Gao remarked that “While Tencent has focused mostly on China in the past, we are now looking at the gaming sector with a much more global perspective (…) This will make the company pay better attention to IP protection.”